A list of all drawings with associated information (including resonator performance) can be found in this spreadsheet. This spreadsheet can be sorted by resonator type, material, etc. (The spreadsheet's file type is ods - open document. This file type is native to LibreOffice.)


Drawing files are numbered as NNNN-RR, where NNNN is a sequential drawing number (4 digits, starting from 0001) and RR is the revision number (2 digits, starting from 00).


Drawings are provided in one or more of the following formats: Autocad dwg (version 2004), Autocad dxf (version R12), pdf. A FEA model, if it exists, may be available as a step file. Please contact us for special requirements.

Note — Drawings typically use the romans.shx font. If your CAD software or viewer doesn't have this font (or the path to the font is not correct) then drawing text may not be displayed correctly. This font can be found online.