Resonator downloads

This page shows resonators that are available for download. The downloads consist primarily of FreeCAD parametric models. The models are often rather generic but the specific dimensions can be adjusted within FreeCAD. The model dimensions are for 20 kHz but can be scaled to other frequencies. In all cases certain dimensions (e.g., length) must be adjusted in order to tune with a specific acoustic material. The model can then be exported in various formats (e.g., as step files) for use in other software (e.g., finite element analysis software if further optimization is needed).

The downloaded files are zipped; these must be unzipped prior to use. The zipped file may contain additional files, as indicated in the tables.

  1. FreeCAD parametric model (file extension FCStd)
  2. Step file — can be imported to many software modelers
  3. Drawing — may be a dxf file (with or without dimesions) or an image
  4. Readme.txt

Note: click on the resonator image for additional information.


All downloads are provided "AS IS" without guarantee of any kind. If any of the original files of a particular design are redistributed then all should be redistributed together. This restriction does not apply to derivative designs. Otherwise, all may be used without further restrictions or fees.

Cylindrical unslotted

Image Description Contents File
20 kHz ultrasonic shear mode horn 20 kHz shear mode horn
Ø146 x 190
1, 2, 3, 4 000_000_164a